Monday, June 30, 2008

SuMmER fUn aT mARk TwAiN LakE... KiNdA :)

Pictured L-R Tyler Hudson 6, Eric Hudson 8, Evan Condiff 5, Tanner Condiff 11, Kaitlyn Hudson 6, and Parker Condiff 8. (Not in picture Bradley Hudson 14 months, Mason Condiff 9 months)

Same order, just upside down :)

Parker eating an apple on the "scooper".

We don't feed Mason enough, so he's eating a stick and just hanging out.

So because we hadn't put the jet skiis in the water yet, the kids were playing on them. I drove the big kids (no babies) around the parking lot. They had a good time and thought they were cool and now you can read what really happened.

We had the opportunity to take our jet skis up to Mark Twain Lake with our friends the Hudson's on Friday. Lake temperature was good, weather was good, everthing seemed good. We got up there (about 1 1/2 hours North) and found out because of the flooding the lake was so high it had wiped out the beach area for the kids. So not sure what to do, we had a picnic and let them play on the playground. These were a few of pics I took not thinking we'd be able to jet ski (that's what happens when you only have 2 jet skiis and 10 people... 6 kids and no beach to play at). Because I didn't get to go jet skiing last year because I pregnant, the itch was too bad and I just HAD to get in that water!!! So I finally said, sorry guys, I gotta get in that lake! So we put them in and the kids played on the dock (until they got in trouble) and I had a BLAST!!! I forgot how much I love jet skiing with the kids and family and spending time in the sun. Thanks, babe, for letting me "catch up" on my addiction and for being a great babysitter while I enjoyed them for a bit by myself (and wiped it so bad, we were done for the day!!!) Wish we would have had pictures of that to post, but when you're trying to watch a baby and kids on a dock and your truck is way up the hill, pictures just aren't as important anymore.... but we had fun at the playground :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Condiff Family PETS :)

This is Parker's pet, a leapard gecko. He's had him about 2 1/2 years now and really enjoys him. His name is Peter. (He named him after another Spiderman had come out and thought that since he had his own room there could be a Peter and a Parker... for Peter Parker :) haha...) Oh to be 6 at the time and come up with that idea. He really likes his lizard.

The kids were wanting to know when our pets would "make the blog", so here is their big debut. This is our dog, Jet whom we got when he was just a pup and have had almost 4 years now. He is a REALLY good dog with the kids. His down fall is that barks at stupid things like airplanes and birds and squirrels. The boys love him and he's for sure daddy's favorite :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

A day in the sun at Raging Rivers!

So I thought I'd try this collage, but it's not as cool as I was hoping for... oh well! We took the kids to Raging Rivers on Saturday. It was a chance of hit and miss as the water park is right on the Mississippi River. With all the flooding we've had here in the good ole' midwest, we weren't sure they'd be open, but they were! We had a BLAST in the wave pool, the lazy river, the Itty Bitty Surf City and the water slides. I added a couple of pictures I took out of the window of the car with debrie from the river coming up onto the highway. We're greatful to be far enough away from the flooding and yet are so close to see so many homes destroyed and families without. All said and done, we had a GREAT day at the park!!!
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

For my GIRLS who have GIRLS!

Okay, Ladies! I know this sounds like a stupid thing to "blog" about, but I love it and if I had a daughter's who hair I could... I would.... but I don't..... and I won't.........SOOOOO.......... my awesome sister who has 2 beautiful girls (and one handsome boy) was telling me about this website for little girls hair. I checked it and out and I'm addicted! I just HAVE to pass the info on because this lady has great ideas and great tips and I promise it's worth clicking on to check it out. The website is: . Hope you don't take doing your crying, whining, tangled little girls hair for grantide :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day, DAD!

Happy Father's Day, DAD! This is a great memory I have with my dad on our Yamaha 100. We used to go riding together and I remember the one time we crashed and I got a big burn from the engine. When I was older (like 10-12) I remember taking it up the mountain by myself with my brother, Steve taking his Honda and riding along Bountiful Blvd (before it was Bountiful Blvd) and just opening it up across that stretch. I'm greatful for a dad who is able to provide memories like this one... and this only one of them.

Dad, I love you! Thanks for being such a great man who I admire and look up to so much and for always loving me... no matter what! Whether it was stealing your Honda Accord SE at 15, or charging your phone bill over $300, I always allowed you to learn more patience and understanding :)

Just wanted you to know I love you! You are the best dad and although I was really young, wanted to remind you that you're "My Daddy, M.D."

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mason's 1st trip to the POOL

So I was a bad mom and forgot the whole camera thing, but at the end I remember this was Mason's first official summertime trip to the pool (besides Great Wolf Lodge in KS in February). So it's not the best picture, but wanted to get them on the blog. The reflection of the water isn't helping Mason, but if you compare and look at Chris' size and Mason's size, you can see he's a big boy :) With all his crawling around and climbing up things, he's maintaining weight (and could even be loosing weight!) Wait til our first trip to the lake with the Jet Skiis... that will be fun!!!! Stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

MaSOn anD DAdDy TiMe!

Mason loves to stand at the back door and try to get the attention of whomever is outside. He sit and hit the glass and try to get Jet to care. When Chris BBQ's he'll sit and play with him at the door the whole time. It's cute to see them play for what seems to be forever as Mason will be totally content just standing and pounding away. He makes the best voices as he gets so excited. Way to be an awesome dad! (Plus I figured this was one to get Chris on the blog :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Tanner ready for the DANCE!

So I told you how Tanner was excited to be in "Middle School" now and he's "so old". Well I decided to give in a little and let him know that I trust him and his friends and respect his "old age". So one week after school was out was the big "dance". He had me come into his room one day because we needed "to talk". Well he wanted to talk about he was voted most fashionable at school and that he has a reputation to uphold in Middle School now and we needed to go shopping. WHAT?!?! Never in a MILLION years did I expect to hear my son tell me we needed to go shopping. So I took him shopping and this was what he came up with (with a little help from mom :) ) He told me to "drop him off" at the dance and that he'd be okay. It cost $3 to get in, so I asked him, "How much money do you need, Tan?" He quickly replied "$20." I said nice try and handed him a $10 (which he also was reminded it came out of his allowance... bad mom, I know) So I dropped him off, went back and picked him up. He had a blast he said. Of course he didn't dance, but had fun "hanging out." I'm okay letting Tanner do this, but I'm scared to death when Parker asks to go to these.... YIKES!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tan mowing the grass

So it's official! Tanner has been officially given the BACKYARD to mow! After dad could see that he could make straight lines and get it up a little hill, he feels that Tanner can mow his grass. Tan's not FRONTYARD worthy yet... that requires diagnal lines and precise movements. And although I thought I did a good job trying to surprise him a few times and mow the grass, I was fired from mowing. So Tan has a lot to hold up to. Now although I might be mocking more poor husband, by far we have the best and greenest grass in the whole subdivision! Thanks honey for making our grass and yard look so nice and thanks for letting go a little so a boy (boys:) ) can mow the grass! WAY TO GO, TAN! P.S. Parker's picture will appear soon I'm sure because now he's begging to do it! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Splish, Splash, Mason's taking a bath!

Mason LOVES the bath! He will have our bathroom floor just soaked! He's gotten so big and we thought it might be Mason's turn on the blog!

Lots of our MASON!

Mason loves his bouncer/jumper but is getting too tall for it. I loved this big cheeser!

Now that crawls around everywhere like a pro, the past few weeks he's learned to pull up on everything. His favorite thing is to pull up on the front windows and watch his brothers play in the front yard. First thing in the morning, I walk around and pull up all the blinds!

I think this picture is hilarious because Evan had been a sleepover and brought his stuff in and just threw it down. I couldn't find Mason and finally found him laying on Evan's pillow eating his flip flop! He's such a sly character!

Of course as he saw me snatch the picture he wanted to come and grab the camera. I just love his big eyes and his dimpled chin he got from his Bapa (see lower entry for comparison).