Friday, January 2, 2009

Another round of the Tooth Fairy

Who in their right mind would have thought our little "bird", Evan would lose a tooth so soon? NOT ME! It was only 3 days ago it was barely loose and by today it was really loose. Well, if a tooth is even kinda loose in this house, it's coming out! With a handy-dandy paper towel, and a little muscle from daddy, out comes Evan's first tooth! He lost his lower left tooth and thought it was "cool"! He immediately wanted to call his best friend, Andrew, but it was 10:15pm and we knew Andrew would be asleep, so I said, "Who else can we call?" He got just as excited and said "grandma and grandpa" so we got on the phone and gave them a call. He was so excited to tell them. He made his envelope and has it under his pillow all ready to go (hopefully the tooth fairy can do her part and remember :)... she's been out of practice for a while. He thinks he is big stuff now and as big as his brothers. Way to go, Ev! We're so proud of you!!! (Now if we can just get you a haircut?!!!)