Monday, November 24, 2008

Hockey Champs Fall 2008

Tanner Condiff #3 (after his mom's favorite number haha)
Parker Condiff #1 (because he really thinks this! haha)

Back row: Coach Kevin, Coach Derek, Braden, Tanner, Parker, Brad, Marlon
Middle row: Kevin, Kyle, Drake
Laying down: Riley and our goalie, Noah

They did it again! I can't believe I didn't post this, but the boys and their hockey team won their division again this past month. They did a really good job and both boys got goals. Chris had ordered their jerseys for the from Nike and they love them! They are in a middle of a session right now, but they have BOTH been asked to play up this next session in December and play on the 12 and under advance team. That's really good news especially for Parker since he just turned 9 and should be on a 10 and under team. The boys have really improved over the past few months and really are putting their everything into it which makes it easier for us as parents. So this won't be the end of pictures and more info to come as we get it. We're really proud of them and can't wait to see what this advanced level can do for them!!!


Tam said...

Way to go boys! I want to come watch you play. I am trying to talk Tony into letting me come see you guys. Remember me when you become professional NHL players!

ivy said...

Congratulations boys! Good job on the goals! =) Gotta love HOCKEY!!!