Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend...a little late

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is over and Christmas will be here in 25 days?!! Where does the time go?!!! We had a great Thanksgiving weekend. As unusual as this might sound... I did not take ONE PICTURE :(. So I will just quickly recap the weekend in a summary.

The kids were out of school on Tuesday which allowed for a yep you guessed it.... sleepover. Tanner and Parker each had a friend spend the night (Josh and Nick) and then woke up to a pancake breakfast. Wednesday was just a lot of playing outside and enjoying the day "off".

Thursday was Thanksgiving and allowed us a moment to become grounded and really think of things we are grateful for and all the bounteous blessings we have. Our family was able to enjoy a meal that was warm, fresh, in a warm home, in clean clothes (mostly :) ) and with friends. What more could you ask for? (Don't answer that...those that know me are answering family, but I told you not to answer!)

We had some friends, Les and Kenny Wamsley come over for dinner. Their 2 oldest kids were in Michigan with family and so they brought their other 2 daughters, Nikki and Britney. Dinner was FABULOUS and then while the kids were all being good and entertained we were able to play Boxers and Briefs and just hangout and talk. We had some good laughs, were very full, and ate some yummy desserts!

Friday posed as Beck's annual "I don't know why I do this, but I love it!" day. Chris always makes fun of me staying up until 2am online shopping and then getting up at 4a.m. to hit the stores. His comment is "it's worth my extra $10 to sleep and I'll get it later". Well not this year! I tried to tell Tanner I would pay him to come be "cart boy". He was all over that, but Chris reminded me that then the surprises would be ruined. Although I could have gone with Lauri, or Brooke, or Holt, or anyone, HE volunteered to come! He said "I can get up early to duck hunt, what's the difference?" Well he learned the difference :) It was major chaos.... and I LOVED IT! I love bobbing and weaving in and out of people and most importantly I love to people watch. I like watching to see who's just really not going to have this be a positive experience no matter what. So Chris hit Walmart and Target with me and then he came back home for a quick nap and up with kids. I continued on.... Kohl's, Home Depot, Toys R us and made the mistake of hooking up with a friend to go to the mall..... WOW can this girl shop!!! It was the longest Black Friday in history, but only comes once a year and I loved it!

Even though I was gone, Chris took ALL the boys (even Mason) up to the ice rink to go ice skating. He had promised them and I was suppose to be back, but because I drove with a friend to the mall, I wasn't. Friday night was of course hockey and of course... another sleepover. However, this one ended in a ride back home around 11pm as Kyle took a hockey puck from Parker to the face. :( They were playing shinny's and using a real puck and Parker did a slap shot and nailed Kyle in the lip. Busted lip, loose tooth, sad kid. So he went home, but was fine and hooked back up with us on Saturday.

Saturday was sleeping in and the big boys going to a Blues hockey game. It was Chris, Tan, Park, Ev, and Tan and Park's hockey friend, Kyle Holt. They had a great time and got some souvenirs. Came home played some more and then Chris took all of them that night to the ice rink for a couple of hours to skate.

Sunday was just another Sunday.... church :). The best part was we did wake up to our first snowfall of the year. The grass was covered, but it wasn't cold enough to stick to the streets. My kids asked if church would be canceled (they have canceled church before because of snow) and yes, we had church. That was about it for our Thanksgiving weekend end. Thanks Chris, for all your time taking care of the boys and spending time with them. It was truly something to be thankful for!


Tam said...

Okay, the Black Friday stuff aside, sounds like an awesome weekend. I cant believe you got Chris come with you! Tony offered to go but I said we'd both stay home in a nice warm bed!

Park is lucky his friend didnt end up with stitches. Mercy, I can only imagine all the near misses you've got at your house.

Glad you had an awesome weekend. WE didnt do much at all!

The Castillo's said...

Toys R Us on Black Friday .. Brave Woman! :) Glad you had a great weekend.